Masonry Repair and Maintenance

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Stone and brickwork on a heritage home are a couple of the things we find truly attractive about heritage houses; however, if that masonry is broken or strained, it may not be the type of statement you want to display. One of the best things about brick and stonework is that it takes a long time and a lot of duress to damage it beyond repair. More than likely, if your masonry is in bad condition there is a method to fix it

Replacing Individual Bricks and Stones

When it pertains to bricks, whether you can do this yourself depends on where the harmed piece is and the experience you have working with mortar. If there is simply one offending brick and it is not in a load bearing wall, you can take that brick out piece by piece as long as you do not damage any of the surrounding bricks or the mortar that holds them in location. If there are more than 2 or 3 bricks in the very same area that require  replacement, or you are unsure if the wall is a load bearing one, it is vital that you employ a masonry expert.
Stones are more difficult to replace, especially if they are not completed (evenly cut). They are bigger and heavier than bricks and pose a greater risk of injury. It can also be quite difficult to find a replacement stone that will fit effectively without being cut (which a lot of us do not have the skills and tools to do).


Mastering Masonry

Masonry is hard. While the concepts of how it is worked may not be that challenging to grasp, to end up being proficient at it takes a great deal of training, practice and a lot of time. The people that construct and recover brick and stonework do so with a great deal of training; their understanding and experience are crucial to their work and can’t be replicated by a casual DIY.
Brickwork and stonework are pricey to build and to fix, also. When dealing with harmed masonry, the typical person commonly discovers the repair work to be beyond their ability and results in frustration, delays, added cost and possible injury. Doing the work on their own may be possible, but the results are more than likely to be less attractive than what a pro might do. On the other hand, hiring a contractor is pricey. However, having brick and stone repair done by a professional not only ensures a better result, it adds to the value of your home.
The biggest benefit of having masonry repair done by an expert is that it can last a life time. In truth, it can last numerous lifetimes. These products have actually been used for centuries, and there are many structures around that can vouch for their durability and charm. When you think about it as an investment that can be bied far for generations, a few additional dollars up front seems very reasonable.

What to do If Your Basement Floods

water damageIf there has been a sewage backup in your home the first place you want to call is the city.  If the problem looks like an internal issue then you will need to call a plumbing company.

For sewage problems, call the city and ask for the appropriate department. They should send someone out fairly quickly. If they cannot get there fast enough for you, then consider calling a local plumbing company. Either way you will need to talk to a water damage restoration company at some point when this kind of problem happens.

While Waiting for Technicians

While you are waiting for them to arrive, examine the toilets, sinks and waste pipes and clear any obstructions to see that the problem is not due to an internal plumbing issue. Be patient; City staff will react as soon as possible. Ensure somebody is the home of let the individual in when he arrives.

Water contaminated with raw sewage backup might contain bacteria and viruses which can impact wellness. You can get sick by consuming infected food or water, or by putting dirty fingers into your mouth. Wash your hands often in this type of predicament.

If Natural Gas is Involved

Whenever floodwater is threatening gas-fired equipment like a basement furnace, hot water tank or stove, call a plumber you know or ask someone if they can recommend a good company. A specialist will be sent off to switch off the gas service to any affected areas.

Hydro Problems

It is NOT safe to enter your basement if the water level has reached any plug, electrical outlet, extension cord or wall heating system.

If the water has not yet reached a plug or wall heater and your distribution panel and major switch are still above water, you might be able to shut off the power yourself. Since dry wood is not a good electrical conductor, stand on a wooden stool or chair, and then shut off the primary switch using a dry wooden stick such as a broom handle.

If this is not possible, or if the water has reached the panel or a switch, do not touch anything. Call an electrical contractor or a certified plumber with electrical knowledge. Only a trained individual can shut down the power at an outdoors meter, hydro pole or transformer.

Dealing With Electrical

Prior to turning the power back on after the water subsides, call an electrical service provider to inspect your setup and verify that there is no risk of electrocution or fire if the power is recovered.

If the primary switch was flooded or if the service was cut off at the meter or the pole, your city Hydro will reconnect the power after it has been examined and approved.

The Danger of Ignoring Simple Maintenance Jobs

When something as serious as a basement flood occurs, it may not get noticed right away. No matter when you discover something as bad as this your best course of action is to call a 24 hour emergency plumbing company.

There are a number of good companies in every American city. Take a moment and get a feel for the company by reading through a few pages to see if they have taken the time to offer helpful information. If you feel comfortable then call them right away.